Olivoteque offers tailor made gourmet trips, olive oil tastings
and an exclusive selection of the best extra virgin olive oils from several countries.

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Olivoteque - Olive oil, travel, taste and Olive oil, travel, taste and sensations

My goal is that everyone should have the opportunity to taste and enjoy the good ingredients that you only experience at gourmet restaurants.

Through Olivoteque I will introduce you to the best extra virgin olive oils that you can buy.

I also offer several courses in olive oil tasting.

Through my unique, gastronomic tours, I will open the doors to special producers and restaurants, which you may not otherwise be able to experience. Join Olivoteque on tour in the world of gastronomy!


By accident, I discovered that I have a well-developed smell and taste sense. In fact, in the beginning, I thought I was just difficult! But when I became aware of this special gift, I decided to enhanse and further develop my abilities and make them my way of life. Throughout the years I have continuously trained and seeked knowledge.

I have a diploma as a taste panel leader of olive oil via ONAOO, the Italian organization of olive oil tasters. As a first Danish member, I was admitted to the International Cheese association Guilde International des Fromagers and named Maître Fromager, furthermore in 2011 I received the honorary title of Ambassador to the Scandinavian countries.

I often judge in gastronomic events and international competitions. The combination of my 15 years as sourcer and buyer of gourmet specialties combined with my multicultural background has opened many doors in the gastronomic world. And it has not made it harder that I speak several languages fluently and that I respect the different facets of the different cultures. Food and gastronomy is my passion and I wish to share it with you in Olivoteque!

Catherine Fogel

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